Drivers for Hire

We can drive your car too! Starting at $75/hr. Call us for a quote today. (508) 292-7992

Want a night out on the town with your family or friends, but don't want to worry about finding a taxi late at night? Maybe taxi and ride-share services are not reliable in your neck of the woods, but you really want to catch that drive-in show in Yarmouth, enjoy a special meal with a bottle of bubbly in Falmouth, or experience the cabaret in Provincetown.

Let us drive you. You can rely on safe and efficient transport for your friends and family, using your vehicle. No need to worry about where to find your car the next morning. It will be left right where our professional driver picked it up the night before.

Enjoy a safe and worry-free evening in the comfort of your own vehicle. (508) 292-7992

There is a 4 hour min. charge with 2 hours added for driver travel time to your location.


Car Transport Services

Got a bigger job? We specialize in reliable Massachusetts to Florida car transport. We will drive your car to your home in Naples, Marco Island, Sarasota, Key West, Orlando, Miami, or anywhere in between. You can ride along, or make your own way by airplane or private jet, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle will be driven safely by one of our professional drivers.

With our network of drivers across the state of Massachusetts, we can even drive your car from neighboring states like Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Although we commonly see requests for Florida car transport, we can absolutely provide the same car transport service to any other state, such as Virginia, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and more.

Call today for details. (508) 292-7992

Ride with our licensed and insured professional chauffeurs. On the day of your ride, you’ll receive status updates and driver contact details via an SMS. Our 24/7 FAA Flight Tracking ensures that your chauffeur is there when you arrive.