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Sanjay - I will never forget how you patiently and calmly found the place for my surgery and waited until they opened for me. People going for surgery are frazzled and have a lot of thoughts running through their heads. You do a lot more than simply drive people somewhere. You are my friend and I will be there for you and your family if you ever need me.

Customer from Chatham,

Your service is awesome. Thank you for all your help.

Eleanor Hebert,

I have used Passport Coach for many years. I think it began in 2014. They are reliable and friendly. I feel they are friends not just a service I use.

Donna Bell,

I just wanted to send along a big thanks for a great job your driver did in getting me to the airport this morning. Kudos to you and your company for such a professional manner in how you operate. It was a relief to be able to relax and not have to navigate your traffic and roads. If you're ever in Michigan and need a recommendation on a golf course to play, just give me a ring. Thanks again for a fantastic job and if I need a ride again, I'll be sure to call you.

T.A.A., Livonia, MI,
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